About Lena

Creativity, structure and passion for growth are the foundations of Lena’s work and reflective touchstones for her as she synthesizes new ideas to bring forth an embodied way of learning, training & coaching. Lena's Qualifications

Embodied Methodology Specialization

Masters in Adult Education

Bachelor in Primary Education

EMCC Coaching Certification

Training Certification

CRKBO Teachers Quality Code

Lena’s Publications

Dragičević, T., Nasiakou, L. & Vlaming, M. (2021) Advanced Training and Coaching Methodology.

Nasiakou ed. (2018) Maths in Motion. Olde Vechte Foundation.

Nasiakou, L., Lehto, S., Goranova, S., Osborne, K., & Fenyvesi, K. (2019). Maths in Motion: Exploring Rotational Symmetries and Triangles through Dance and Body Movement. In Bridges Conference Proceedings. Tessellations Publishing.

Nasiakou, L. & Vlaming, M. (2020) The embodiment in Coaching.

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