Non-boring Training

Want to boost the growth and development of your L&D team and facilitators?

Do you want to support your people to become better leaders?

To empower your female talent to reach their full potential?

To bring your teams together?

Plus, keep your people engaged and avoid the dread of boring training sessions? Check us out!

Train the Trainer

Provide your facilitators with effective tools to create engaging and impactful trainings. Equip them with techniques to handle resistance and manage audiences with ease. Enhance their presence to captivate and inspire learners.

“The techniques in handling resistance were really useful - learning to recognize situations and then recall techniques will be invaluable.”

Kit Kitain, L&OD Coordinator, Netflix

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Leadership Development

Help your new leaders hold better 1-1 meetings, give feedback and navigate difficult conversations effectively instead of shy away form them and coach their teams based on the unique circumstances they face.

“Lena is always able to create an amazing and unique experience with a lot of embodiment exercises in it. You will not be disappointed with her. She was able to transform even performance management into a super fun experience!”

Serena Savini - Learning & Development Lead, Quantis

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Female Empowerment

Empower female-identifying employees in the workspace, help them deal with the Imposter phenomenon and inner critic, boost their confidence and cultivate future leaders.

"Lena has that effect on people. She empowers. I directly worked with her and I can say that she empowered me with her trust, she coached me, she believed in my instincts and supported my initiatives. Lena is full of life and love. She has a great sense of balance: she knows when to be sharp, when to be playful."

Roxana Elena Bucur - Lecturer and Coach, University of Groningen​

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Learn how to coach

Leaders hate telling people what they need to do. However they lack the nessesary tools get their teams to do what they need to do without being very prescriptive and micromanaging them. We provide solutions to help leaders coach their teams to maintain accountability and productivity.

“As a leader and a coach myself I thought that I am already doing a pretty good job in managing my team. This training, though, opened up a whole new way to start observing my own blind spots. It filled with lots of playfulness and deep moments of self reflection and connection.”

Rositsa Vasileva - Sr. Digital Campaign Manager, Coach, Philips

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